The name of this organization is Mindrum Precision, Inc. It has one facility, located at:

10,000 Fourth Street
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

The company is a job shop that performs precision machining and polishing of components in engineered materials such as glass, quartz and ceramic as well as conventional materials such as aluminum, titanium and stainless steel; bonded filter assemblies, optical assemblies, eye safe laser assemblies, glass blowing, flow cells, and precision assemblies to the aerospace, defense, semi-conductor, instrumentation, medical device and other diverse industries throughout the world. The company is classified under SIC Codes 3231 and 3827 and NAICS Codes 327215, 332510, 332710, 332721, 332919, 332999, 336413 and 336419.


Our Mission

At Mindrum Precision, our mission is to ensure quality requirements are adhered to from receipt of the order through product delivery in an efficient and cost effective manner utilizing the philosophy that product quality is the responsibility of all employees.


Strategic Direction

Our strategic direction is to ensure the continuous improvement of our reliability and capability for difficult projects and tolerances through fostering the development of cohesive problem solvers, implementing new hardware and software technologies to accomplish difficult projects and communicating with all team members to remain nimble to customer needs, and to continuously improve our QMS to ensure that customer requirements are being met or exceeded.


Quality Policy

Our quality policy states:
Mindrum is committed to satisfying customer and applicable legal requirements with only the highest quality products competitively priced, efficiently produced and delivered on time. Mindrum is committed to continual improvement of the Quality Management System and developing a culture where quality is the responsibility of all employees.