As one of the most commonly-used metals in high-end manufacturing, Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element, making it a favorite in any application where weight is a primary concern.


Relative Cost of Material


Machining Degree of Difficulty


Titanium is a light, strong metal with good corrosion resistance and good machinability. While it is significantly more difficult to manufacture a component than it would be in common steel or aluminum materials, Titanium can and is used to make extremely complex and tight tolerance components in many different applications. In addition, Titanium also has excellent fatigue and crack resistance, making it one of the most robust machinable materials that is still relatively cost-effective that is on the market today. 

As a top-tier component manufacturer, Mindrum Precision has extensive experience machining extremely complex and high-difficulty parts out of Titanium for decades, including for virtually every major Aerospace contractor and three different Mars rovers. Click here for our contact information or to request a quote, and we will show you why more engineers are trusting us with their mission-critical needs.


While it is used in many different industries, Titanium is primarily found in components and structures in the aerospace and defense industry. Whether it is for space applications, missiles, commercial and military jets, or submarines, the combination of great strength and corrosion resistance and low weight make it a constant go-to for engineers of all types. 


Material PropertyTitanium
Density (g/cm^3)4.51
Hardness (Knoop)220
Tensile Strength (MPa)434
Modulus of Elasticity (GPa)105
Compressive Strength (MPa)450
Poisson's Ratio.34
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (1 x 10^-6/°C)8.6 - 9.7
Thermal Conductivity (W/m K)19.9
Specific Heat (J/kg*K)523
*Note: Properties vary by manufacturer. The above information should be used for general reference purposes only.

related Materials

  • Steel – A cost-effective material that is generally stronger than Titanium, but much heavier as well
  • Aluminum – A lighter, easily machinable metal that is not as strong or durable
  • Inconel – A high-heat superalloy, made from iron and nickel

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