In space, every molecule counts. Mindrum Precision is proud to be the sole manufacturer of the NASA-designed Microvalve, a miniaturized double-latching solenoid valve with the closest thing to a zero leak rate of any valve of its kind in existence. Used in both commercial and governmental aerospace applications, this valve is the go-to choice for all space-based mass spectrometry systems and instrument suites, and its minimized leak rate will increase both the accuracy and the working life of your project to the maximum extent possible. As a miniaturized valve, the Microvalve has an extremely small footprint in terms of both mass and volume.
In addition to producing the valve itself, Mindrum Precision also frequently machines custom complementary parts for Microvalve missions; we can machine anything from mass spec housings to custom mating components, and create the complementary solutions that you need in anything from Titanium to Alumina to Zerodur.
We have been building Microvalves for various Flight projects since then, including:
  • VIPER Lunar Rover – Mass Spectrometer observing lunar operations (MSolo)
  • Curiosity Rover – Surface Analysis at Mars (SAM)
  • MAVEN – Neutral Gas and Ion Mass Spectrometer (NGIMS)
  • ExoMars – Mars Organic Molecule Analyser (MOMA)
  • Solar Orbiter – Spectral Imaging of the Coronal Environment (SPICE)
  • Resource Prospector – Lunar Advanced Volatile Analysis (LAVA)
  • ISS – Spacecraft Air Monitor (SAM)
  • Europa Clipper – MAss SPectrometer for Planetary EXploration (MASPEX)
  • Orion – Multi-Platform Air Monitor (MPAM)
Licensed from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)


  • Instantaneous He Leak Rate: < 1×10-10 atm-cc/sec*
  • Steady State He Leak Rate: 5×10-9 atm-cc/sec*
  • Operational Temperature: -60°C to 200°C
  • Actuation Time: < 1 millisecond
  • Overall Length: 1.616”
  • Total Mass: 25 grams
  • Total Moving Mass: 2 grams
  • Power: 18-28 VDC

*Leak rate assumes a pressure differential of ≤1 atm

Key Features

  • Floating Pintle Tip that self-seats
  • Removable solenoid
  • Inert, high-temperature materials
  • Latches in open or closed position with no power
  • Coils can be run in parallel or series

With over a half-century of manned spaceflight experience, our parts have been trusted on some of mankind's proudest achievements. We look forward to working with you to bring your next project off of the drawing board and into reality.