Scientific progress comes in many forms, and being able to get the parts that you need to innovate is a key part of moving forward. We have extensive experience with a variety of projects from laser applications to spectrometers, as well as working on projects like the Physical Property Measurement System, Atomic Force Microscope, and Fabry-Perot cavities. At Mindrum, we have applied the same dedication to producing superior precision in our parts and components that has given us the reputation we have in the Aerospace and Defense industries to Photonics and Instrumentation; whether we are making parts for a probe headed to the far reaches of the solar system or working with the National Institute of Standards and Technology, we make ultra-tight tolerance components of the highest quality to enable you to bring your project off of the drawing board and into reality.

With over a half-century of manned spaceflight experience, our parts have been trusted on some of mankind's proudest achievements. We look forward to working with you to bring your next project off of the drawing board and into reality.